Postcards from Ghana

It’s been ages since I last updated my blog. Here are just some of the places, faces and festivals we managed to experience so far!



Coconut Grove, Elmina


Elmina Bay Resort


Elmina town, which has both Portuguese and Dutch influences


A young girl during the Dipo festival, a puberty rites ceremony celebrated by the Krobo tribe.


Pictured with one of the Mothers who oversees and heads up the ceremony


Suspended walk-ways of Kakum National Park –  a look at life above the tree canopies of Ghana’s first protected forest park


More Dipo celebrations


Lake Bosomtwe outside of Kumasi, a natural lake formed  in a crater, created by the impact of a meteorite 


Peaceful and beautiful Lake Bosomtwe, revered as a sacred lake by the locals who live on it


Feeding a South African ostrich at Shai Hills Reserve!


Village kids


OAfrica roadtrip ’16

The part I love most about working at OAfrica is getting out into the field and meeting the families on our support. The highlight is definitely the annual road trip, which takes us outside of Accra itself and into some of the more remote areas. I especially enjoy visiting the villages in the rural areas.

On these trips, I’m joined by a photographer and a social worker. Speaking with the children, asking them questions and getting to know them, helps me write the reports for our international donors about what’s happening on the ground and is used as content for our social media posts. I’m so grateful for this experience, and I know that one day, when I’m an old granny, I’ll look back on these memories and smile….

Below are just some of the children and families I’ve met during this years road trip. Special thanks to photographer Shine Wilson for capturing these moments!