Shai Hills


Another beautiful place to visit in Ghana, and one of my personal favourites, is the Shai Hills reserve, located in the Greater Accra region, about an hours drive from Accra.

The vegetation consists mainly of open grasslands and plains with rocky outcrops. It is considered the closest natural wildlife park to Accra, although I wouldn’t quite put it in the same league as the safari parks of South Africa, Tanzania or Kenya. Here, you’ll only see a few (very tame) baboons, some ostrich (imported from South Africa, obviously!), some species of small antelope and a wide variety of bird life. But the landscape alone is worth the visit because sometimes you just want to get out of the city and be reminded that you actually live in Africa! The fact that it’s not far away is a huge plus so it makes for a perfect weekend break out of Accra.

You can either drive your vehicle around the park or go on foot, if you’re up for a bit of hiking. You can also hire a guide for the day, who will take you around the park and give you some interesting information about the history of the park and the people who once lived in the vicinty. He will also point out the fauna and flora and take you into the Shai tribes’ ancestral caves, where you’ll encounter a colony of bats!

The best part of the visit was the summit up one of the rocky outcrops. An easy climb which took less than twenty minutes, resulted in the most amazing views out over the plains. It was a truly beautiful Lion King moment!!




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